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Spring Portrait Mini-Sessions

6 Steps To A Great Spring Portrait Of Your Child.

Step 1 - Location

You want a location with lots of sun light and that doesn’t feel confined. Not only will your son or daughter have more fun being photographed this way, but it will also be a much more personal and unique setting. There’s nothing personal or exciting about a photograph taken in a studio.

portriat of your child in a park

"Roy has a great eye for detail. He made sure my daughter was comfortable and having fun during her photo session. I love the way he can make his photos pop with just the right lighting."

Kelli Horak - Needville, Texas
children pictures at brazos bend state park

"It was a very good experience for Kailynn. She enjoyed the process of taking pictures and being able to move around freely and be herself. It was very professional but also personal at the same time. Really enjoyed it all!"

Amber Miller - Needville, Texas

Step 2 - Fun

We’ve all seen photographs where the child looked stiff and posed – and those photographs never look good. Why have a portrait of your child that doesn’t look natural? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child that is happy just sitting still and smiling, they are playing and laughing. That’s the portrait I want to create for you! You must have fun, then the smiles come naturally!

Step 3 - Time

Why miss a day of work or school when we have two great days, every week this month, on the weekends to create these beautiful portraits. And then after we are done creating these beautiful portraits, you and your family will have the rest of the day to enjoy.

mini session

"We were extremely blessed to do this photo session with Roy! He is so much fun and made my little girl feel like she was just a natural! She really enjoyed it and absolutely loves her pictures! If you want someone to really capture some amazing moments, this is your guy! I can't wait to do another session with all my children! Thanks Roy!!!!"

Nancy Garcia - Katy, Texas
pictures created in a garden

"Wonderful work! My daughter loved her photo session and location. The photographs were awesome. I love the personality sparks that were captured throughout the photo session."

Ada Moreno - Needville, Texas

Step 4 - Clothes

What can I say about clothes, they tell a story. Whether it’s a cowboy hat with a button up shirt or ballerina dress with ballet slippers, it’s a story your child is wanting to tell. For a fun spring portrait, I want your child to be comfortable and colorful, but not like a box of crayons. Too many different colors are distracting, I find it best to keeps the colors to about no more than three.

Step 5 - Photographer

You want to find a photographer that loves what he does. In the decade that I have been creating meaningful portraits I’ve seen so many “photographers” just do it to make a living and quick buck. You see, I understand how much these photographs are going to mean to you, and I feel I have a huge responsibility to make them perfect for you. I didn’t get into photography because it seemed like a surefire way to make money. I got into photography because of my love for my family, and a love for helping other families capture the precious memories, relationships and personalities of their family at this moment in their lives.

Step 6 - Guarantee

You want a photographer that will guarantee his work - if you’re not happy with the photographs, then what good are they. My guarantee is simple, I absolutely guarantee you will be THRILLED (not just "satisfied") with your Portraits or I will do whatever is necessary to see to it you are THRILLED, or I will give you all your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings either. If you're not THRILLED, I don't deserve to be paid. That's just the honest way I feel about my photography.

So, What's The Next Step?

Pick up the phone, and call my studio to book your session NOW!

The number is 281-344-7729

For “mini-sessions” I have a very limited number of session I can do. So even if it’s after business hours, still call l right now!  I’ve got voice mail that is just waiting to cheerfully take your message, and I’ll personally call you back as soon as I can. 

Or if you just can’t get to a phone, just give me your contact information on the form below and I’ll call you.

All the best,

Your photographer

Roy Kasmir
Photographic Artist