These Are Precious Times, And Although Things Will Change, This Moment Never Has To Slip From Your Fingers.

Don’t put off having these portraits created till the end of the year. I have worked with a lot parents of graduating seniors and I’ve had to tell a lot of parents that waited, that there wasn’t enough time to have their portraits back in time. As your junior year ends there seem to be so much time, it’s a whole year away. But that time does fly by. And we all put things off, and before we know it, we have so much going on, with school activities, like senior serve, getting ready prom and your graduation party, there's no time left. If your life is half as crazy as mine is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done. Your time is very limited with senior portraits, and the best time to have them created is now! It's not too early and you won't regret it! Give me a call now let’s chat. My studio number is 281-344-7729. There's absolutely no charge or obligation, and I will truly enjoy speaking with you! And when we chat don't let me forget to tell you one really important thing you should avoid in a photographer.

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"Roy was great to work with and very accommodating. He made Brent feel comfortable and at ease and they had a good time working together. Talking, laughing and just having fun and being natural. I highly recommend Roy for your next special occasion photo shoot."

Geradette Buzek - Needville, Texas
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"We are so pleased with our experience with Roy Kasmir. He worked with Amy so patiently for her senior pictures. She was hesitant about going to several locations, but he quickly put her at ease and it really shows in her photos. The final products that we purchased were of phenomenal quality both in terms of workmanship and photo selection. We ordered several photo books and keepsakes for the family and everyone has really enjoyed having these as a memento of her senior year. We look forward to working with Roy again soon. Thanks for a great experience!"

Pamela Griffis - Needville, Texas

One Thing That Could RUIN Your Child's Senior Portraits!

And for some it’s the last portrait they will every have done. Don’t let this be your child’s last portraits. That is, you don’t want to finding a photographer that is willing to create your child’s portraits on a train track without getting the right permissions. It never fails every year someone somewhere will want their senior portraits created on a train track. And some of these stories make the headline and the articles will read they didn’t realize how close the train was, or the train didn’t look like it was going that fast. Or the worst one, their foot got caught between the rails and they couldn’t get out…

Click here to discover more about why portraits on tracks isn't a good idea!

But if you feel that you just must have your senior’s portraits on a train track there are ways, safe ways to have these created. All it takes is a phone call the railroad company to get a permit to shut down a part of the track. Movie crews do it all the time. It’s not cheap but it is safe and legal. Or there is another way, you can find a museum that has a railroad exhibit and use their track. If you just have to have it, this is the way I would suggest.

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"This was such an awesome experience for Randy! Roy Kasmir you are amazing! Thanks again because we are without a doubt thrilled with the end product!"

Donna Weishiemer - Rosenberg, TX
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"Roy did wonders getting my daughter to relax! He knew what to say that would get a genuine smile and not just a stiff posed one so that she looked natural. She made him work to get that shot but he did it and was very patient while he worked with her. I can't begin to say how much I appreciated the time he spent to get the perfect photograph, actually more than one!"

Carol Mikel - Needville, Texas

You don't want to just go to any photographer.

You want to find the photographer that is going to throw their heart and soul into creating your child’s Senior Portraits. For a decade now with deliberate practice, I've perfected my knowledge, style, and artistic expression through photography. I believe that to be really great at something, you have to focus on that one thing - and for me, that one thing is photography. Although, with having a family, I do have to do other things, about 85% of what I do is photography. And when I'm not doing photography, I'm thinking it!

One of the things that separates me from all the other photographers in the area is that my clients are so excited about their portraits!

That's what I live for - thrilling my clients - in fact, having them cry tears of joy when they first see the images. Having the images not be just an ordinary, "record" of your child looks at this moment, but something that expresses personality, emotions & the real life of your child at this moment in your life. Plus, no one is going to throw their heart & soul into creating your child's Senior Portraits like I am - portraits where you look fantastic and perfectly natural. It will be my honor.

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"Oh, Roy. You continue to bring tears to my eyes every memory you etch of my precious senior. Your work is full of greatness and a work of "heart". Thanks for creating this priceless memory for me!"

Cynthia Orsak Labay - Needville, TX
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"I cannot recommend Roy Kasmir enough! Not only is he a fabulous photographer but he's so easy to work with. When we look at these pictures, we'll remember the fun day we had together."

Kim Hearn - Damon, TX

So, What's The Next Step?

The next step is a very simple and painless one. Simply pick up the phone and give me a call at 281-344-7729. There's no cost, and no obligation to speak with me on the phone. I'll answer any questions you may have. I can give you an indication of what you could plan on investing for your senior portraits. And most importantly, I can find out specifics from you about what's most important to you about these photographs.

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"Roy Kasmir is such a pleasure to be around but he is also a top notch photographer. Thank you for all the amazing pictures of Karina Ramirez. Hope she gets the chance to shoot with you again."

Sandra Ramirez - Richmond, Texas
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"Roy's photoshoots really are more fun than they should be. He tells jokes and ghost stories to get you to laugh, which coincidentally makes the pictures look just absolutely perfect. He's really creative and open to any ideas you have. It's always a blast with some really good humor and you end up with some wonderful photos and a great memory of the day."

Casey Hall - Needville, Texas

There's No Charge And No Obligation For This Chat. I Will Really Enjoy Speaking With You !

And I absolutely guarantee you will be THRILLED (not just "satisfied") with your Senior Portraits or I will do whatever is necessary to see to it you are THRILLED, or I will give you all your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings either. If you're not THRILLED, I don't deserve to be paid. That's just the honest way I feel about my photography.

All the best,

Your photographer

Roy Kasmir
Photographic Artist

P.S. Don’t worried about how much time you’ll miss from work or school. We can meet for a chat and even create your portraits during the weekends or in the evenings after work. I do this because I understand that a lot of people have "day" jobs or are in school during the weekdays.