Nikki Eversole – Senior Class of 2018


One of the things I love about photography is creating portraits of graduating seniors at a place that they love. I could take the effortless way out and just meet them in front of the school and snap of few photographs of them and head back home in 30 minutes or an hour. But how meaningful would that be, that wouldn’t even be unique. I want to create portraits that will my clients will be THRILLED with! Continue reading “Nikki Eversole – Senior Class of 2018”

How Fast Time Flies For A Parent With A Graduating Senior.

Cowboy to FootballAs any parent of a graduating senior can tell you. It seems just like yesterday the school year was starting. Continue reading “How Fast Time Flies For A Parent With A Graduating Senior.”

Makayla’s Senior Session

One day cold, windy and rainy, the kind of day you just don’t want to get out in. And then the very next day a little bit of a cool breeze in the warm sunshine.  It was like Makayla said a prayer for this day to create her senior portraits on. Continue reading “Makayla’s Senior Session”