Who am I, you ask?

Hello! Welcome to my web site. My name is Roy Kasmir, and capturing wonderful memories is what I’ve devote my life too.

I don't just love to create photographs, it's a PASSION for me to create beautiful portraits!

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Years ago, when I picked up a camera I wasn’t a “soccer mom with a camera” instead I was a father of two boys, that loved baseball and soccer, and the point-n-shoot cameras just wasn’t getting the photographs I wanted. If you every tried to capture a sports moment of your children with a point-n-shoot camera then you know what I mean when I say it takes too long once you push that button the capture that moment. After a few games of that, it was time to get my old slr camera from high school out of the back of the closet. But... it didn’t work any more, so off to the store I went to get a new one. Starting with just the kit lens and then a cheap zoom lens I was able to get to get the photographs I was wanting.

After that summer when all the sports were over for the year, it was time to put the camera down, but I didn’t want too. I started photographing building and trees, but it just wasn’t what I was wanting. As spring came around one year and the wild flowers came out, that’s when I found out about photography workshops. What a great idea, photographing country scenes of wild flowers and models. I signed up for it, and what a fun day it was. After that first photography workshop, on the drive home with over a thousand photographs on several memory cards I thought to myself “OK I got it out of my system... for the year.” Then a few weeks later, another workshop was posted, and closer to home. I thought to myself, “OK… one more workshop”. And a few weeks later… another workshop.

Now with over ten years’ worth of photography workshop, I have learned how to control all kinds of light while create natural looking poses to create that perfect, beautiful portrait that you will love.

As I look back to those first few year, I realize there was so much I thought I knew about photography. I believe the saying is “you don’t know what you don’t know.” There is still a lot I’m sure I don’t know, but I am willing to learn it as I can.

My passion for photography is strong, strong enough that I would do it for free. But let’s be realistic, photography is not cheap. Cameras only last so long, memory cards only last so long, the software need to create the beautiful portraits cost money and the insurance that I must have, just in case something happens to me or my client during a session cost money. As much as I love photography, it was at this point I realized photography is a business. This is also the point that a lot of “photographers” decide to give up, within their first 5 years, half of them will put down their cameras. But not me, I am having way too much fun creating these beautiful portraits that you will LOVE! 

I would love to sit down and chat with you, to find out what beautiful portraits I can create for you! By chatting with you, I know that I will be able to create a portrait that you will be THRILLED with, or if for some reason I can't, I will give you all your money back. How does that sound?

My studio number is 281-344-7729, give me a call this evening! Or you can even email me at photos@roykasmirphotography.com, either way there's absolutely no charge or obligation, and I will truly enjoy speaking with you!

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